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Arizona natives often feel like there is a lack of culture and things to do in Phoenix. We know, because we once felt the same way. Lost in a sea of obvious chain restaurants, malls, and the well known, well publicized places (many of which you still didn't believe you'll enjoy experiencing)? We're here to give you the true scoop based on experience, and show you things like the Desert Botanical Gardens aren't just a bunch of cactus. They have concerts and culinary events; which are the best time to experience this horticultural mecca.

The truth is, Phoenix has an abundance of great events, attractions, restaurants, museums, shopping, and nightlife; but sometimes they can get lost in the urban sprawl. We're here at Things to do in Phoenix (TTD-Phx for short) to help you look beyond the obvious chain options on the main corners and venture into the

strip malls, Downtown (which isn't fully revitalized, but is out of surgery and on oxygen recovering), and into local neighborhood favorites. Phoenicians of all ages can find all sort of hidden gems at which to shop, eat, and be entertained. Phoenix Attractions will give you all the things to do in Phoenix by category so you can compare and discover your next adventure. Or to fill a whim, simply finish this sentence on our I Want To... page.

Want a fun, Phoenix date night idea? Check out our Phoenix Neighborhoods tab for great venues and things to do in certain areas of the valley. Our Phoenix Art page gives activities for the artist and the observer, and Phoenix Sports will give both the athlete and cheerleader ideas. Running low on cash, but having cabin fever?

Click on the Free Phoenix Activities link and plan a low cost weekend that will be the envy of the office. Is it a rare night out with the ladies? Check out our great things to do in Phoenix Girls Night Ideas to see where you can share a bottle of wine while you learn to throw a pot or paint a portrait. And if your kids are driving you crazy, save yourself with the Phoenix Kids page.

The things to do in Phoenix Event Calendar will show you all the Phoenix Events and Attractions so you never miss a hot show or activity, and if you love Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or the Great Food Truck Race: Phoenix Foodies takes you out to eat anywhere from 4 star Phoenix restaurants to strip mall treasures. Complete with food

pictures, tips and tricks for each restaurant. If you want to get out and about, check out local Phoenix Runs/Walks. And for classic "guy" activities, enter the Men Only:Keep Out section and get your testosterone flowing.

Ready to explore the Greater Phoenix Metro Area? Enjoy finding your next adventure, girls night, kid activity, or date night!

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Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.