AZ Movie Theaters

You can go to AZ movie theaters and have a good time because the film has great cinematography and cast, but you LOVE going to the movies when the theater creates an experience that makes it not just another film. Arizona has two major movie chains - Harkins and AMC. If you want to see a movie, you can check out their websites and find a theater near you. Some will even offer movies in IMAX or 3D. But if you want to go to the movies and have an experience, not just see a film, check out our favorite AZ Movie Theaters:

If we're talking about comfortable seating, tasty food, and the ultimate movie going time, our favorite is the iPic over in the Scottsdale Quarter. To start, the iPic is combined with Salt Lounge where you can meet for a drink before or after the movie and take your drink with you when it's showtime, and Tanzy Restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine if you'd rather grab a tasty bite to eat with your beverage. Tickets to a show at the iPic isn't cheap, premium seating tickets for members are $15 and give you your own reserved leather recliner and food/beverage seat service by Tanzy grab and go. Premium plus seating is $20 for members, and reserves you a micro-suede, fully reclining chair with a pillow and blanket, complimentary popcorn and in-cinema food and beverage service. The seats even have a built in holder for a bottle of wine. The price goes up for non-members, so take the minute to become a member for free before you buy your tickets - you'll love this theater so much you'll be back again!

The next step down from the iPic is Studio Movie Grill. SMG has several of the amenities that iPic offers, but in a more toned down, budget friendly kind of way. It's the in between option for theaters, and we love the special monthly events for horror, $1 movie classics, etc! UltraStar Cinema is another luxury option for movie theaters. If the iPic is a 5 star rating, we'd put Studio Movie Grill and UltraStar Cinema would be at a 4 star rating. UltraStar costs about $8.50 for a regular movie, $10.50 for Star Class seating, $11.50 for a 3D movie, $13.50 for Star Class 3D, and $18.50 for a Dbox 3D. Their Dbox seating is enhanced motion chair technology. Star Class Auditoriums are 18 and over theaters that feature beer, wine, and in-seat ordering. The Cinema Cafe offers upscale movie fare.

Another Dine-In Movie Experience can be found at AMC Theaters Esplanade 14. They offer two options for the in cinema dining experience: a more casual Fork & Screen theater ($6-$12) for 18 and older, and Cinema Suites for 21 and older ($9-$15) with plush leather reclining seats. The menu ranges from simple appetizers to Blackened Salmon ($14.99) and Tenderloin Tips ($15.99). Another unique AZ Movie Theater experience is FilmBar in downtown Phoenix. FilmBar is a 21 and up beer/wine bar that shows classic, cult, and independent films. Ticket prices are $7 and can be purchased from your bartender. FilmBar also has live stand up comedy for only $3 on Tuesday nights at 9:15 pm. Other events are special DJ events, Rocky Horror Picture screening, and CD release parties.

If checking out one of our AZ Movie Theaters sounds too laid back, here are some ideas for activities that will get you more hands on!