Arizona Museum of Natural History

The Arizona Museum of Natural History

53 North Macdonald

Mesa, AZ 85201


Remember when Jurassic Park came out and we re-fell in love with Dinosaurs?

At the Arizona Museum of Natural History, walk through Dinosaur hall and experience your amazement all over again. Some skeletons are are fossil casts, others are the real deal dino bones. View a flash flood on Dinosaur Mountain, see what our world looked like when Dino's roamed our state, and take a Walk Through Time and explore Arizona's ancient Paleozoic Seas.

The Southwest Gallery takes you back with artifacts from 600-1450 AD in a Hohokam Village as well as a tour of the Ancient Cultures of Mexico. This is no where near the Heard Museum in the detail and education in the exhibits, but we like that it's pretty reasonably priced. Adults are $10, kids 12 and under are $6, and Under 2 are free.

The museum is just enough to keep them interested without having info overload or getting bored. And it's full of hands on stuff.

The Fun With History area takes explorers down a mine, into a real Territorial Jail, lets them pan for gold, and uncover dino bones.Do you see the shadow and red light at the end of the tunnel? That's the miner at the end with his pick axe that you hear clinking. When you head outside, you can pan for gold in the stream (they give you a baggie with admission to store your gold souvenirs in).

Kids can also grab a paintbrush from the bucket and go on their own archaeological dig and uncover a dino skeleton in the ground. Here's the thing, the Museum of Natural History is not mind blowing. It's simple and basic, but still cool. If you have someone in your family going through the dinosaur phase, the museum is a must. Regardless, if you need something new and exciting to do with the kids, this will make for a nice morning or afternoon with the kids with low impact on your wallet.

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.