Art of Merlot

Art of Merlot
7021 E Main St
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

You’d think that paint and alcohol would create a pretty equal experience, but Art of Merlot, Me The Artist, and Brush Bar are different, and most people will prefer one studio over the other. Set in old town Scottsdale, it is a cute little studio along the Scottsdale Art Walk. Make sure to leave yourself 20 minutes for parking and 5 for walking to the studio – we all know and love old town parking! A of M is BYOB for drinks and snacks, which is nice because you can bring as much or little “artistic juice” as you may need to make your painting beautiful.

Classes range from $35-$45 and feature several Van Gogh’s paintings and other stills. Their offerings are more formal looking than whimsical portraits at the Brush Bar, but it’s not as hard as they look because the instructor provides a stencil that you can lay over tracing paper and trace an outline onto your canvas for your paint. It guarantees that even the least artistic of us can create a vision on canvas that resembles the original. Despite the stencil, you have artistic control with the colors and objects in your art - feel free to adapt the background, add extra flowers, or customize however you like.

The instructor we had wasn’t as funny as some of our other classes, and was maybe a little more formal feeling even though she reassured us that it was OK not to make things look perfect and to relax and have some wine. I’d gotten a little behind, and didn’t feel like she was connected enough with my progress to recognize when I needed some instruction and I relied heavily on my fellow TTD'ers for the next steps (which really weren’t that hard). Here’s what it comes down to: pick the painting that inspires you, bring a drink you like, and go with a person who makes you laugh. The Art of Merlot provides deceptively simple classes where you can have a great time and leave with a canvas you’re proud to put on your wall at home!

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