The Brush Bar

Brush Bar
4165 North Craftsman Court
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

Painting and wine or mimosas....Need I say more? At the Brush Bar, they bring out your inner creativity, even if takes 2 or 3 glasses to unleash your inner Van Gogh! Classes range from $30-$50 and fill up; so plan this night out ahead so they can seat you and your ladies or man together. We went for a Mimosa Morning Class (is there a better way to start the weekend?), but there is also regularly scheduled Ladies Nights and Family Day classes where kids under 12 paint for a discount. If you are more advanced and want to go in and use the studio, they also have $25 open studio times where you can go in, paint and have a glass of "artist enhancer."
So start out by going to their website, and picking the painting you want to create. We picked the "Funky Tree" Morning Mimosa class. When you arrive, they have the studio all set up. The tables are made into stations with your name on it. Your station is stocked with the canvas, easels, all the brushes you'll need, aprons (pick your funny message - ours said "I like big brushes and I cannot lie" and "Born Artist"), paint colors (they even tell you if you'll more pumps or less pumps of each), and the bar is ready to take your order! The tables are covered in butcher paper, and you'll mix your colors directly on the table. Most likely you won't get paint on your clothes, but you never know, so I'd wear something you won't be heartbroken if you get a smudge on it.

The instructor starts with a blank canvas as well, and using very technical term like "big brush" and "baby brush," walks you through mixing the colors, how far to paint, and reminds the perfectionist to relax and have another glass! Creativity is encouraged - if you want to make your sky blue and stormy - go for it. Or if you want to add or take away any elements, it's OK! It's your painting even though they're helping you get it out on the canvas.
And Voila! After about 2 or 3 hours, you have a piece ready to take home and hang on your wall! The Brush Bar is one of our new favorite things to do in Phoenix. Located right next to Dos Gringos in Old Town Scottsdale, you can easily make it a girls night out or date night! Eat at some of our favorite Phoenix Restaurants for an early dinner or just drink and appetizers before your 6:30 class, and after you've brushed your way to artistic greatness, you can go next door for a drink, or across the way for more bar options or ice cream. But the essential part of this evening out, is the stop at the Brush Bar!

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