Carolina's Mexican Food

Carolina's Mexican Restaurant

1202 E Mohave Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

2126 E Cactus Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85022

9030 W Peoria
Peoria, AZ 85345

Carolina's Mexican Restaurant started in the early 1950's with Manuel and Carolina Valenzuela selling tortillas, burritos, and tamales out of the back seat of the family car. It moved to a restaurant setting in 1968 and added her mother as tortilla maker, son as dishwasher, and husband as cashier. Since it's humble beginnings, this family owned operation has expanded to 3 locations, passed through 4 generations, and is a Phoenix Mexican food institution. Many Phoenix families have joined the Carolina's family and have incorporated their food and tamales into their own traditions.

Best known for their tortillas, they have won the Best Tortilla award from the Phoenix New Times 9 out of the last 10 years. With consistent yearly awards dating back to 1985, Carolina's Mexican Restaurant has a long standing history of quality. We know what you're thinking - it's a tortilla - not that big of a deal! We thought so too, until we had one. For only $.85, you can delight in a 15 inch, paper thin, burn your fingers hot and fresh tortilla that makes grocery store flour imitations pale in comparison. Let us just say, you haven't had a tortilla until you've had one of these. In fact, you can buy a half dozen or dozen to take home with you so you don't have to resort to inferior quality. If it fits your preference, Carolina's also serves them with butter, cheese (like a rolled cheese crisp), or Machaca. Or eat one wrapped around a burrito or fried as a chimichanga.

So what do we love to eat? Obviously the tortillas, but we love the breakfast burritos, especially the chorizo, egg and potato ($3.45). The reason why their food is so good is it's real ingredients, made like you'd make at home. Not a lot of extra grease, and it's made fresh, not packaged, frozen, and reheated. We also love the chicken chimichanga ($4.65) - it's packed full of roasted chicken! The bean and cheese burrito ($3.45) is also very tasty, but you have to suck the refried beans out every now and then or they'll be running down your chin! For Menudo lovers, it's served on Saturdays only, and you can take home

anything from half a pint ($2) to a quart (5.95). We crave their horchata ($1.25). And that's never been something that has made us want to go back anywhere! Mexican horchata is different than Spanish horchata. In Mexico it's made with rice mixed with milk, sometimes vanilla, and always cinnamon. In other regions, it's made from seeds or nuts. Really though, everything on the menu very tasty. Order your favorite thing and compare. We're sure it'll step up to the challenge of your favorite Mexican food restaurant. Be warned though, you may experience uncontrollable cravings that lead you to drive long distances to south Phoenix and sit on un-air conditioned picnic benches for flour tortillas. In the middle of an Arizona summer... But we all do what we can to get what we want, and with Carolina's it's worth it.

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