Get Your Hands Dirty at Desert Dragon Pottery

Desert Dragon Pottery
25037 N. 17th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85085. 602.690.6956.
Hours: Mon-Fri Noon - 9pm, Sat 9am-9pm, Sun Noon-7pm
Beginning Wheel Classes: Wed 9:30am, 5:30pm, 7:00pm, Sat 9:30am, 11am, and 2pm
Kids Wheel: Wed 4pm, Sat 12:30pm
Dirty Hands Friday: 6pm-8pm

One great thing to do in Phoenix that I discovered through Groupon is Desert Dragon Pottery and their $35 beginning pottery class. If you catch a Groupon, the class is only $15, and includes your clay, instruction, firing, and glazing of your pieces.

Three weeks after your class, the pieces will be bisque fired and you can return to glaze your piece! This class goes by amazingly fast, but most people left with two pieces completed, deliciously dirty (but not enough to warrant a change of clothes), and excited to sign up for another chance to become a master of the wheel.

Another option to roll of your sleeves and dig in your fingers is with the Dirty Hands Friday class which allows you to explore clay sculpting instead of wheel work. Although it's not advertised, some of the regulars told us during our class that the Dirty Hands class allows groups to BYOB and make it a relaxing ladies night out!

When you first visit Desert Dragon Pottery, don't judge by looks. My friend and I missed the turn for 17th street (partially due to it being like a dirt road tending more toward alley and partially due to the hand painted street sign really high up on a light pole). This is definitely one for the GPS! It's up the dirt road on the right, and the fenced in dirt lot with run down structures kinda makes you feel like you're trespassing. Once you walk into the studio, it's pure pottery bliss. Remember, Arizona is about hidden gems on dirt roads in deceptively run down outside structures, and this is no exception. So get ready to tie on your apron, and get down and dirty!

Here are a few of our creations since we started to play with clay:

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