La Grande Orange Grocery and Pizzeria

La Grande Orange

4410 N. 40th St

Phoenix, AZ 85018


La Grande Orange Grocery (AKA LGO) is a Grocery, Pizzeria, breakfast bar, and organic coffee cafe. Look for the mural of the lemon kissing the orange next to the tiny parking lot and you know you've found LGO. When you walk in, you're greeted by the grocery, a funky and eclectic space with a wide variety of wine, books, pet pampering gifts, games, and doo-dads.

The seating area, turned restaurant at night, holds it's own unique charm. Square, circle and triangle wooden tables of all sizes come together under crystal chandeliers, canister lights, and umbrella lamps. You can even buy a bottle of wine from the grocery next door (there is a vast selection) and bring it over to enjoy with your meal (Pizza, people! Not with breakfast or least, not every day....) - La Grande Orange does not charge a corkage fee.

While we're talking alcohol, LGO does offer 3 varieties of beer on tap that you can either get in a pint or growler (the 64 oz growler container is reusable, and you can bring your remaining beer home, and come back for a $10 refill). Now Let's talk pizza and breakfast. The pizza ranges between $12-$14, serves 2 people, and ranges between classics like cheese and Margherita to

tasty delights like "The Fallen Angel" (schreiner's sausage, shaved fennel, and roasted peppers) or "Avocado Party" ( avocado, tomatoes, basil, lemon zest, and prosciutto). If you're one of the few Americans who don't like pizza, La Grande Orange does have salads and burgers on their dinner menu as well, but really - they're known for their pizza, why wouldn't you try it???

For breakfast, we highly recommend the Havana Latte, it's made with a sweet condensed milk and espresso, and needs no additional sugar without being too sweet. We had one before breakfast and got another to go with our food. They were that good. Pictured Left is the "Croque Madame", their open faced ham, tomato, gruyere and spicy mustard sandwich topped with a sunny side egg. Delicious. It's basic ingredients, still create magic in your mouth, just make sure to pick up a fork and knife before you head to the dining room! We also tried the "Commuter Sandwich," pictured right, of scrambled eggs and tomato on a fresh English muffin, and we selected smoked salmon, avocado, and Havarti cheese to top it off. Breakfast was at 9am, and after these two tasty treats, we weren't hungry until nearly 4pm! If you can bring a friend and share, try to save room for some of their baked goods or dessert treats from the award winning Tammie Coe Bakery next door. Regardless of what you pick to eat or when you go, anyone who lives in Phoenix can't truly claim residency status until they've been to La Grande Orange. It's that good.

La Grande Orange is one of our favorite restaurants in the Arcadia Area - click here to learn more about other Arcadia favorites!

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.