Liberty Market

Liberty Market
230 N Gilbert Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85234

Located in the Heritage District in Gilbert, from the outside, Liberty Market doesn't look like much. In fact if I hadn't found it on google maps with a high rating, I probably would have driven by without ever stopping to go in! But really that's how most great restaurants in Arizona are - they're hidden gems without all the flash. Originally when it was built in 1935, the market was 80% retail and 20% restaurant food, however a recent remodel has reversed those numbers and created a hip, vibrant atmosphere that is a pleasant surprise considering the exterior appearance. The Market is set up to embrace the take out or dine in concept, where all patrons order at the counter and are given a table number and allowed to seat themselves.

In a very out of character moment I was enjoying the company and conversation and forgot to take pictures of the food! We tried the Grilled Chicken Pasta ($12) with a Parmesan cheese sauce, bacon and seasonal veggies was surprisingly light for a cheese sauce. It had a perfect blend of flavor and an airy quality that coated the chicken, pasta and veggies without feeling overpowering or sticky.

Any restaurant that has wood fired pizza is a must tryfor me, and we also had the Molinari Pizza ($11) with salami, sicilian olives, and basil. It was the perfect size for two people to share and combine with a salad or other entree, and the smokiness of the wood fire oven lent a taste of authenticity that made it feel right at home in this historical area.

One nice touch in restaurants is when the bathrooms continue the theme, and lucky for me I stopped in before leaving! Instead of wallpaper, the walls in Liberty Market's restrooms have recipe after recipe sharpie markered with a few pictures mixed in for good measure. It's like grandma went crazy and wrote her recipe box all over the bathroom walls. But if you're lucky, you just might find the recipe for the delicious dish you just ate so you can re-create it at home! Lucky for me, I couldn't find it, so it looks like I'll just have to come back again!

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