Matt's Big Breakfast

Matt's Big Breakfast
801 North 1st Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

I'm an avid food network watcher, and heard about Matt's Big Breakfast from both Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Phoenix Magazine's "Best Of" issue. I'd actually tried it once before last summer and been only mildly impressed. The breakfast menu is only 9 items long, with Oats and Frosted Flakes as two of the items. My first visit, the lack of variety did turn me off. I'd ordered the "Hog and Chick" which is eggs and bacon, and I think my lack of enthusiasm was embedded in ordering such a basic item. I mean, when it comes down to it, how much different can you make scrambled eggs and bacon?

This trip to Matt's Big Breakfast, was very different. The history of Matt's is based on organic, fresh ingredients. In fact, there is not a freezer or microwave in the restaurant. The bread is baked fresh and hand cut because, as stated in Triple D, the owner "doesn't like conformity in his bread."

The secret to eating breakfast at Matt's Big Breakfast is the daily specials. While we were enjoying our 45 minute wait in the hot sun (which just made me anticipate it more), I started to breakfast watch through the windows. Yup, that's right, I blatantly stared at their food as they ate and was obviously trying to match it up with the menu to decide what to order. We discovered the daily specials while I was craning my neck and squawking about how 3 of the 4 breakfasts I could see had steak and eggs, but I don't see that on the menu. Once we got inside and I could really look around, I realized that again, 75% of the tables had one of the two specials on them!

I had eggs scrambled with spinach, canadian bacon and cheese, and it was a phenomenal blend that I'd absolutely recommend! My girl friend and I order with sharing in mind, and between hash browns or home fries, I'd go with the home fries. The hash browns, while good, are made crispy outside, soft center, while the home fries are cooked with white onions and rosemary, and have great flavor. They were cooked perfectly with a tender center, and crisp outside. The toast they offer is cut in thick, delicious slices and tastes homemade. They serve it with a homemade preserve in a ramekin that serves as a great dipping side. We tried both the sourdough and wheat, and both were amazing.

Even the beverages were made with love - the orange juice was thick and seemed fresh squeezed, and the wild berry honey lemonade was delightful. The owner's wife and daughter were working in the counter area and were great for recommendations and had a cute little ruffly apron that said "I kiss better than I cook." Well if she was doing some of the cooking for this little 30 seat breakfast joint (that usually has a wait 15 people deep) her husband is a lucky man - cause I'll be back for more!
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