McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park
7301 E. Indian Bend Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park isn't just a playground and some train shells, it's a part of Arizona history. The park dates back to 1967 when 100 acres of McCormick Ranch were donated to the City of Scottsdale for a park. In 1971, Stillman Ranch donated the Paradise and Pacific locomotive and cars which chug-a-chug children around and through the park, and the US Marine Corps helped lay the tracks that the train runs on to this day. On October 4th, 1975, the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park opened to the Public. The park offers several exhibits and attractions: you can ride the train and carousel, take a tour through the historical railroad exhibit, play on the playground, or visit the model railroad building.

Let's start with the main reason to go to a park - the playground. The McCormick-Stillman railroad park has a large, covered playground for children of all ages. The equipment goes beyond the typical slides and monkey bars, and offer hours off free entertainment. The swings are the only area of the playground that are uncovered, so layer and wear sunscreen! There are several benches set around the playground for parents, and the Snackstop is set adjacent to the playground in a Southern Pacific Railroad Caboose. Although you can bring in whatever food you want (there are several ramadas and BBQ's available for a full picnic event) the Snackstop has the typical hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, etc in case you get a certain hankering from all that exhausting play! Prices and portion sizes are what you'd expect for a park eatery. Don't expect to be wowed, but don't shy away from the food if you forgot to bring snacks!

A few of the park's attractions do have an expense associated in order to ride them. The Charro Carousel (30 horses, 2 wheel chair chariots) runs every half hour during the week and continuously on the weekends. The cost is 2 tickets a person ($1=1 ticket, or you can buy a book of 12 for $10) and children under 3 ride free with a paying adult.

For the history buff and curious youngster, you can take tour (2 tickets) through The Roald Amundsen Pullman Car which was built in 1928. This historic car has been used by multiple presidents, and takes you back in time to see the tiny quarters, hallways, and accommodations "back in the day"... You'll take an entirely different view on airline travel after walking these halls!

Also for 2 tickets, kids and adults can also ride the Paradise and Pacific Railroad along a one mile track through out the park. The train runs every half hour during the week and continuously on the weekends. Kids can ride in a variety of scale model cars, onlookers love waving to the riders, and you even get to ride through a scary, dark tunnel that gets beautifully decorated with lights over the holidays.

After playing on the playground, a free exhibit allows youngsters to peer through a window into the miniature rooms. Built into the side of a building, the display's lighting is set to motion sensors and let you delight in the details of these tiny rooms not matter what time of day.

A great free exhibit at the park is The Model Railroad Building. Three different model railroad clubs are constantly building and renovating their tracks and villages. Each club has a different size model train that they work with (HO, O, and N gauge sizes). Kids delight as they watch the model trains run, view the detail and stories in the villages, and watch the club members as they put together their creation.

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