Phoenix Activities For Men

There are many Phoenix activities for men to partake in, but don't let the tab fool you, this page is for women too! We realize that most things and places highlighted on the website appeal to both genders, but here is a gathering of ideas that play of the stereo-typical "guy things" here in the Valley of the Sun.

You may be asking: What kind of things? Well, one of the first things that comes to mind is cars, and Phoenix is home to several major car auctions, most of which take place in the month of January. For auto enthusiasts with a need for speed, Phoenix International Raceway is the Valley's home for NASCAR and a whole lot of people watching. Firebird International Raceway allows speed racers to compete in drag and drift races (think Fast and the Furious), Monster Trucks, and an off road series. If you want to learn to drive like a pro racer, AZ is home to the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. Courses are held at Firebird International Raceway and vary from 4 hours ($399) to 4 Days ($4,399) and cover all levels of driving skills. For Cobras, Porches, and Corvettes, Racing Adventures at the Arizona Motorsports Park gives full ($999) and half ($599) day programs with a classroom session that covers car and driver dynamics, skid characteristics and safety paired with instructor sessions that get you ready to lap the track at near racing speeds. The last driving school option in Arizona is Richard Petty's Driving Experience at Phoenix International Raceway. This unique school offers a ride along experience ($109) that puts you in the car, but not behind the wheel, and experiences vary from rookie ($449) to racing ($2,599).

With our great weather 9 months of the year, few people schedule a trip to Phoenix without mixing in a sports game. In March, one of the favorite events for locals and out of town guests alike is Spring Training. Phoenix is also home to the Phoenix Coyotes for Hockey, Arizona Cardinals for Football, Phoenix Suns for Basketball, and Arizona Diamondbacks for Baseball.

Another highly stereo-typical manly activity is guns, and there are several Phoenix activities for men having to do with the world of firearms. There are several shooting ranges that allow participants to try new guns as well as practice with their own weapons. Phoenix also hosts a variety of gun shows for anyone interested in viewing, buying and selling their pieces.

Are you a women looking for Phoenix activities for men cause you want to plan a date night? Don't forget to check out our reccomendations for girls nights as well!