Phoenix Gun Shows

There are several Phoenix Gun Shows that delight local firearm enthusiasts in the valley:

Crossroads Gun Shows travels throughout the Western United States and stops multiple times in Arizona throughout the year. Venues include Arizona State Fairgrounds, Centennial Hall in Mesa, and University of Phoenix Stadium. See their website for dates. These shows have many collectors and dealers looking to buy and sell. Appraisals can be done one site, but they request that all guns brought to the show are unloaded.

McMann's Roadrunner Gun Show is another Phoenix gun show that also shows swords, knives, fishing equipment, books, coins and other collectors items. Most shows have an admission price of about $10, and the website offers $1 off coupons. Children under 12 are free.

Arizona Gun Radio (1260 AM & 96.1 FM) puts on several events through the year in Phoenix and also partners with knife and collector shows.

In the past there have been sting operations at some gun shows. Private, unlicensed sellers do not have to run background checks, but it is illegal to sell to anyone you suspect to be mentally ill, unlawfully present in the US, or a felon. If you are buying or selling at these shows, please practice social responsibility - if anyone is not complying with the law, they will be asked to leave and not allowed back. General Arizona gun rules (this may change at anytime lawmakers pass new bills, so please look online for the most recent information)are that you need to be 21 to carry a gun in AZ and may carry it concealed without a permit or license as long as they are 21 or older. It is legal to clearly post "no firearms allowed" signs, and unless you have a permit, you can't carry a weapon into places that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises.

Did you buy a gun recently at one of the Phoenix Gun Shows and need a place to practice your aim with it? Check out these shooting ranges!