SCRAMBLE, a breakfast joint

9832 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85020

From the outside, it's easy to miss Scramble in it's strip mall south of North Mountain. Like most great Arizona restaurants, it's nondescript exterior doesn't make you think twice about going in to try something new. But that's how it is with most places out here, and once you walk through the doors of this breakfasty gem, you'll become an instant fan. They opened on Feb 9th, 2009 and have since become a neighborhood favorite and a great way to relax with friends after you're done hiking the mountain. If you've been to Sauce or Pei Wei, the ordering set up is very much the same. You walk into a clean, modern/organic feeling area lined with over sized menus that tunnel you to the register where you both order and pre-pay for your food.

From there you take your number to a table, grab your coffee or coke, and relax while watching the news or sports updates on one of their 5 plasma TV's positioned in all corners of the dining area. Think sports bar for news, and you'll start to get the picture. The restaurant also offers free wifi and computer charging stations if surfing the web with a cup of coffee is your preferred way to get info. After all, the news doesn't report facebook statuses, and sometimes those feel way more relevant! For the literary types, the restaurant has various quotes about eggs on many of their walls to spark discussion as well as an egg word search displayed in a huge orange art deco frame taller than most of it's patrons. The first 16 words are not hard to find, but the very pretty 17th one? Well, you can ask the staff if you're having trouble locating it!

There's two reasons we go back to places: the vibe and the food. This cheery place offers a very clean, modern vibe which is mixed with fresh local ingredients to create dishes as delicious as they look. They use local products from Schreiner's Sausages, Hickman Eggs, Shamrock Farms, Sun Orchard, and Peddler's Son Produce just to name a few of their local vendors. Being open til 2, they do serve lunch, but the focus here is on breakfast: vegan breakfast, breakfast and more breakfast. Every place develops signature dishes that bring you back. Sometimes it's a waffle dog, others it's the rosemary potaoes and specials, and others it's a waffle or pancake. Here, it's the Santa Fe Eggs Benedict ($8.49, pictured left) and their Brizza's. We sampled The Toluca ($8.39) of hand tossed dough, hollandaise sauce, scrambled eggs, chorizo, bell peppers, Monterrey jack cheese, with a swirl of jalepeno cream cheese (pictured left). Both dishes had just the right amount of kick without being overwhelming. Although we haven't tried their french toasts yet, the French French Toast is next on our list for the next visit. Made with a hand cut french baguette, it's dipped in vanilla custard and sounds divine. The verdict: if you find yourself hungry for breakfast in the Tapatio cliffs Area before 2pm, Scramble is your place!

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