Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill, Scottsdale
15515 N. Hayden Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

There's "seeing a movie", and there's "going to the movies". And if you're going to the movies, you want an experience that equals the multimillion dollar flick you're about to watch. Studio Movie Grill ((SMG) is part of Arizona's growing craze for in-theater dining. It opened November of 2011 in North Scottsdale, and gives movie goers a central bar, in seat food and drink service, and the choice of leather recliners with dining tables or strange office rolling chairs rolled up to a counter. We had mixed feelings about SMG, but for a spur of the moment movie night, this is way better than a regular theater!

Who doesn't like a beer or glass of wine while watching a movie? One thing we like about Studio Movie Grill is the bar and lounge area before you even enter the theater. You'd think tickets to a place offering this would be much than a regular theater, but a before noon matinee only costs $5 just like a regular AMC theater. In fact, a regular showtime is $9.25, compared to $10 at AMC, so SMG's tickets are actually a better deal! We'd come here and have a beer with our show over a regular theater anytime for that price! When it comes to the menu, we've tried their BLT Pizza, Margarita Pizza, and Buffalo sliders, all which were good. The depth of the menu was slightly surprising, and most items averaged about $10.50. If you're looking for a value, SMG has Margarita Monday ($2 off a marg), Beer and Burger Tuesdays ($2 off each), Endless Pizza Wednesdays ($9.95 a person), and Pitcher Thursdays ($2 off any appetizer with a pitcher of beer).

Here's where we have mixed feelings. Your seating options are leather cushioned chairs (right of picture) with a connected tray and liftable arm rests if you need to snuggle mid movie. Your other option is the counter with rolling leather office chairs (left of picture). While they aren't uncomfortable - and we've tried them both - it just feels funny to sit in those while you're watching a movie. To prevent yourself from siting in an office chair, we'd recommend reserving your seat online through their website. There's no additional cost, and you can do it up to 90 minutes before showtime. It's definitely a step down from the iPic (less than 5 miles away), but is way better priced - iPic seats run about $15-$26.50. We'd choose Studio Movie Grill vs a regular theater any day. SMG vs Ultrastar Cinemas, Ipic or another dine in theater? Studio Movie Grill is a better price for tickets than both, and we'd chose them if it was a last minute movie date, or for some of their special events. Thursday Comedy Theater is put on weekly by bru-ha'-ha, and every third Thursday is $1 Movie Classics Night. Every second Wednesday is "Girls Night Out" with our favorite chick flicks, and they have documentary and horror nights as well. But if you're making plans to see a huge box office blockbuster and want the ultimate movie going experience, we'd choose iPic. For all the other times in between...Studio Movie Grill it is!

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